Our Team

Our consultants are committed professionals who individually target different sectors and with each project we make sure the team has a member with geographical insight of the related market inside out.

Our experts have the expertise, knowledge and the network to structure an analysis, undertake projects or find you the best candidate or employer in the shortest space of time.

Meet with our team

Can Akalin is a highly experienced Management Consultant who has strong interpersonal skills aided by proficiency in many languages (Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian) who gained good business experience before joining Consilience. Various international assignments have included working in Turkey, The Middle East, CIS and the UK where a significant track record in result orientated and profit focused projects in change management, performance improvement, operational excellence, organisational design and macroeconomic analysis prove to demonstrate not only commitment but also ability to get the job done.  General industry experience covers a large cross section including:  consumer electronics, sales and marketing, supply chain, automotive manufacture and supplier, textile, constructions material, policy research, market and regulation intelligence.

Daniel Mitchelmore LL.M is a sustainability expert with a vast network in corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Currently assigned by an internationally renowned research institute to oversee high-level events spanning diverse global issues, he has previously been involved in business development in clean-tech and financial engineering for climate engineering.

Kenan Kardas is an experienced entrepreneur with interests spanning grains, natural and processed food products. He is an expert who knows all the stakeholders in market targeting and penetration processes in Turkey and the Ukraine. The expertise is well reflected as the founder of sunflower oil production facility in the Ukraine.

Lawrence Lazar’s experience and expertise lies in business development, sales, digital marketing and project management. As a multi-lingual professional who speaks English, German, Spanish and Farsi, he has over ten years of experience working in agencies across Latin America, Germany and the UK. Lawrence’s experience contribute to a strong understanding of elements of international trade.

Dr. Tuncay Bilecen is an expert on ethnic economy, migration and the impact of different groups on the overall economy.  Dr. Bilecen provides in-depth perspective regarding consumer habits and targeting strategy in multi-ethnic societies, especially in Turkey, the Balkans and the United Kingdom.

Yusuf Umac is an IT and management consultant who is specialized in industrial applications of Operational Research. Besides coding and structuring optimization models, he has extensive experience in integration processes of IT based decision-making systems. Currently Yusuf is a researcher and consultant with international experience and network mainly in US and Turkey.